It is a long path from the first idea to a printed component. Optimised preliminary work with softwares for design, processes and simulation do not only decrease costs in terms of part production, but also significantly increase the value and the quality of the product itself. We will help you to decide which software tools suit you best but can also execute major pre-production stages ourselves.

Design for Additive

Many parts can be manufactured with 3D-printing, but many of them are not suited for it. Like all manufacturing techniques, additive manufacturing also comes with restrictions and design guidelines that need to be considered. Compliance with these requirements leads not only to a significant drop in production costs, but also enables inexhaustible possibilities for shaping components. In close collaboration with your design and development departments, we will create component designs that are tailored to be printed.
Process engineering

Process engineering

The best production strategy is sometimes not easy to be found, especially if the part is not designed for printing (e.g. prototypes) or if the degree of complexity is extremely high (e.g. crank case, cylinder head). We will determine for you the most suitable manufacturing orientation and will set up support structures for the production using Materialise‘ Magics. If on-site production is economically not (yet) reasonable, we will support you in building a long term supplier relationship.


The simulation of printing processes is inevitable especially for (small) series productions. As a result, productivity and quality increase significantly, geomatrical accuracy is much higher and the scrap rate will be substantially reduced. We do not only introduce you to the best tools but will also perform these steps for you if requested.

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