Are you manufacturer of metal powder for laser-powder-bed-fusion (LPBF)? We will find process parameters to qualify your new material. No matter if it concerns the enhancement of an existing alloy or a completely new devolopment. Due to our in-depth material know-how, we will also assist you in creating new chemistries to assure perfect processability.

Process development

In LPBF, a big variety of process parameters are relevant to ensure the best possible part properties. The relative density is crucial for mechanical properties and productivity, up- and downskin for optical appearence and surface roughness. We will develop parameters depending on whether you are searching for best mechanical properties, high productivity or optical criteria.

Heat treatment

Most printed components by means of LPBF get their final properties through heat treatment. The development of heat treatment cycles to optimise strength, ductility, hardness or other properties (e.g. conductivity) is one of our core competences and essential to fully utilise additive manufacturing. Components, that are printed, often have different mechanical behaviour than their conventional manufactured counterparts. In this area, we can provide detailed knowledge with regards to processing and quality heat treatment of different material groups, such as aluminium, titanium, steel and nickel-based alloys.

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